Red Sea Heaven

La Siesta is truly a unique gated community and resort in Egypt. It is unique for many good reasons:

La Siesta is the only resort in Egypt that combines breathtaking mountain views together with the beauty of the coral of the Red Sea. It is a fantastic combination unmatched by any other property or resort in Egypt.

La Siesta offers a number of activities that include scuba-diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, safari trips, excursions, hiking, mountain climbing, sports including tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.

You can choose to be active or just enjoy the breathtaking sunsets and the romantic landscape. You can enjoy the private swimming pools almost all year round or if you prefer, can stay “comfy” by your fireplace.

La Siesta’s proximity to Cairo (two hour drive) makes it a unique destination for a number of potential clients that include: families that have decided to own property at La Siesta as a weekend and vacation destination, tourists that would like to combine mountain vacationing with Red Sea activities, and corporate clients that will select La Siesta as an ideal location for corporate functions (corporate meetings, board meetings, sales and motivational functions etc. when the Piccolo Club Hotel will be completed).

La Siesta is designed on a European style of resort. It has a “European touch” and offers clients and guests an exclusive environment of trouble free vacationing. In due time, La Siesta will become identified as a prestigious destination within Egypt providing a unique “cache” and a European flavor only known in southern France. The experience will be simply unmatched for Egypt.

La Siesta speaks “high quality” in every detail: in its design, architecture, landscaping, natural view etc. The developer has taken particular care to protect the environment by using local construction components that blend remarkably well with the natural surrounding. We know of no other resort in Egypt that offers this unique “environment friendliness” touch of La Siesta.