Exploring the Surrounding Area

Monastery of St. Anthony

The Monastery of St. Antony is located 35 KM Southwest of Zafarana. The first Christian monastic community was established in 305 AD under the leadership of St. Antony who lived in the Kolzom mountain, where he found his cave and a water spring. Some of his disciples came and settled with him and began to establish the monastery. In the fifth century, the number of monk cells reached many thousands. The monastery of St. Antony makes for a lovely excursion filled with history and adventure.


Monastery of St. Paul

The monastery of St. Paul is located Southeast of the monastery of St. Antony. The asphalt road leading to it starts some 27 KM south of Zafarana. The Monastery was established by followers of St. Antony in the fourth century AD. The monastery of St. Paul provides for a unique excursion filled with history and adventures.


Other places of interests include the Lighthouse of Ras Abu Darag and the small Oasis in West Qiseib with its beautiful vegetation among a unique limestone surrounding.